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Umbraco Analytics

When it comes to the data in the uMarketingSuite,

the sky is the limit!


uMarketingSuite Analytics module

One of the best aspects of the uMarketingSuite Analytics module is that all data is stored server-side and transmitted via secure first-party cookies. uMarketingSuite offers neat alternatives for client insights, without sharing customer data with any third parties. This way you can be sure of the ownership of the stored data, and you can influence it directly. So, very efficient and privacy-friendly!

Own and control your data

Umbraco Analytics is the strong foundation of the uMarketingSuite. The Analytics section ensures that the visitor’s data is collected. This means that the data is always collected - even if the visitor uses an ad or cookie blocker. Of course, this should be done with the user's permission in a privacy-friendly way. But which visitor doesn’t want to get an improved experience through personalization, for example? To do that properly, though, we really need some information about them.

Additional information related to the visitor's behavior on the website is sent via secure first-party cookies. With its help, it’s possible to determine which A/B test works best or how the website can be personalized. This invaluable source of data allows you to get started with your own analyses.

Background Fingerprint

Additional information based on behavior

With the help of an extra uMarketingSuite-javascript file it’s possible to collect much more data about your visitors, for example:

  • Clicking on external and mailto links as well as opening PDFs and other files;
  • The page scroll depth;
  • The amount of time that a visitor actually interacts with the website (as opposed to tracking for how long the page has been open as in this case, the tab might have been left in the background or the visitor could have been idle);
  • Playing and pausing videos as well as how far they’re watched;
  • The interaction with Google Maps;
  • How forms are used on your website and which error messages are triggered, if any.

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The uMarketingSuite allows you to optimize your Umbraco website and turn it into a marketing machine! In this free demo, we will give you an overview of the features within the uMarketingSuite and discuss any questions you might have!

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Fast and efficient access and storage

The collected data is stored quickly and efficiently in the database of your website / uMarketingSuite. This ensures that the impact on the website’s performance is as low as possible. We also use smart storage, which means that the amount of required storage space is minimized.

Servers specified by you

One of the greatest aspects of the Umbraco Analytics module is that all data is stored on the servers specified by you. This can be the same database that the website runs on or a completely different database server. As all data is stored on the server of your choice, it’s entirely under your management and control. This fact allows you to be certain about the ownership of the stored data and to have a direct influence on it. Furthermore, uMarketingsuite doesn’t store anything at another location – that’s also privacy-friendly for your visitor!

Privacy by design

You determine how the data within uMarketingSuite is stored: completely anonymous or linked to the (anonymous) visitors if they’ve given their permission. We ensure that you can be GDPR compliant and that the data is only used for and by you.

See what bots are doing on your website

uMarketingSuite uses server-side data collection, so all the bot-traffic on your website is mapped. Did you know that almost 60% of all the traffic for some websites is bots? Well-known bots are, for example, GoogleBot and BingBot. Countless other spiders, lesser-known bots such as Yandex (the Russian search engine) and Baidu (the Chinese search engine) as well as many more tools visit your website frequently.

With our uMarketingSuite you get a complete overview of such activities. Therefore, you can see how important your website is according to Google (the more often it visits a page, the more important that page is). You can even block some bots to boost the speed of your website and server.

The sky is the limit

The uMarketingSuite gives you control over your data which can be easily used to develop your own functionalities. How about a unique benchmarking tool where you can quickly compare the effectiveness of different campaigns and landing pages? Or maybe you can make a dashboard where unique visitor profiles are created based on data that you’ve never thought of! When it comes to the data from the uMarketingSuite, the sky is the limit.

Wondering what else you can get out of uMarketingSuite?


Whether you want to work with personas, segments and/or tags (or in combination); start serving personalized content right-away. Engaging visitors has never been easier.

A/B Testing

Want to boost the performance of your content? Simply select your target audience, set your goals and instantly start improving conversion.

A/B testing
Umbraco Analytics

Bring the data where you need it the most; inside Umbraco. Our server-side analytics approach guarantees the highest data quality possible. Get ready for data driven content marketing!

Digital Analytics
360° profiling

Real-time insight in the visitors and customers on your website. From prospect value to the types of devices they are using; it's all there. Now you know how to be relevant!

360° Profiling

Simply connect your marketing campaigns to uMarketingSuite and bundle your online efforts and insights. Follow up running campaigns seamlessly within your website.

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation is the holy grail for many marketeers when it comes to marketing. To implement this to its fullest capabilities, all features surrounding Analytics, profiles and personalization need to be in tip top shape. Stay up to date about this feature. 

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