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A/B testing

By combining Umbraco’s ease of use with the powerful uMarketingSuite algorithms, you can easily set up A/B tests within minutes.


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Everybody should test (their Umbraco website)

You always strive for the best possible results with every Umbraco-site you make. But, like any experienced marketeer you know there’s always room for improvement:

  • Want to try and see if a different form gives more conversion?
  • Need to determine if a change of title improves engagement?
  • Want to check if another header image will provide better results?

Using the uMarketingSuite, setting up these tests can be done in the blink of an eye. Allowing you to quickly perform any test you wish to gather the data you need to make informed decisions.

Start testing within a minute

uMarketingSuite supports you, the marketeer, in your daily activities. Your idea for any A/B test, combined with your knowledge of Umbraco will let you set up your test within minutes.

  • In Umbraco, simply open the page you wish to test
  • Open the ‘uMarketing Suite a/b tests’ content app on the page
  • Start testing!

Your original page will serve as your control group and will be shown on the left in the split screen display. On the right, you can set the individual properties you wish to change for your test. This way, testing if your new button text, image or title provides better conversion results is super easy. We provide the tools while you provide the ideas and together, we will optimize your website!

Examples of A/B tests in uMarketingSuite

See it for yourself in our video below, where we will show you the different types of A/B tests you can run within the uMarketingSuite.

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Key features of uMarketingSuite

  • Effortless time estimation for every test
    uMarketingSuite predicts how long you'll need for accurate A/B test results. It considers factors like variations, visitor numbers and expected impact on conversionrate.
  • Seamless Umbraco integration for easy editing
    Launching a test is as simple as editing a page in Umbraco. You'll see how your changes look right away, thanks to the split-screen preview.
  • Complete control with expert settings
    Tailor your tests exactly how you want. Choose which visitors participate, and adjust the criteria for statistical significance with ease.
  • Learn and grow from past tests
    Gain insights from all your previous tests. Use past results to inspire new tests and learn valuable lessons for future strategies.

Wondering what else you can get out of uMarketingSuite?


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A/B Testing

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A/B testing
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360° Profiling

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