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Looking for an Allround Marketing solution for your financial organization?

As a finance firm, you’re likely searching for answers on how to properly market all of your unique services while dealing with limited data accessibility and privacy concerns. uMarketingSuite offers the ultimate marketing solution along with features tailored for organizations within the financial sector. 

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Analytics module

With the uMarketingSuite Analytics module, you are in complete ownership and control of your valuable data, ensuring utmost security and compliance. Unlike other platforms, we do not rely on Google Analytics. All data is saved on your own hosting environment and will never be shared or send externally. In addition to that, uMarketingSuite is GDPR checked and verified by ICTRecht. 


A/B testing

As a financial organization, you deal with complex products and trust-building challenges. To build trust with your audience, you need to provide them with top-notch security and safety and a seamless online experience. The A/B testing feature of uMarketingSuite helps you optimize user experiences, messaging, and offerings, ensuring effective marketing strategies tailored to the unique needs of your financial customers.

Personalization & 360° Profiling

The 360° Profiling feature gives you a better insight into your visitors' minds. Additionally, our tool offers unparalleled personalization options, enabling you to deliver tailored experiences that engage and convert your audience effectively. It enhances user experience on your website, driving customer satisfaction and loyalty. 

uMarketingSuite is FSQS registered

The Hellios Financial Supplier Qualification System (FSQS) is an accreditation tool used by leading financial organisations. Accreditation requires suppliers to be audited against FSQS requirements in the areas of: Business continuity, Financial, Insurance, Health & Safety, IT and Information Security, Anti-Bribery, Recruitment, Operational Risks, Fraud, Responsible Business Governance and Records Management, Environmental and Sustainability which are all key elements to demonstrate our robust GDPR Compliance.

uMarketingSuite is valued by customers with an 8.3!

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Join us today and experience the unparalleled potential of uMarketingSuite in revolutionizing your financial marketing strategies. Book a demo to see the uMarketingSuite in action.

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