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True People increased conversions with 125% for AMCS Group


Increase of conversion through personalized content
Everyone wants to contribute to a clean world, right? AMCS Group has developed a digital platform to connect thousands of waste & recycling companies around the world. In order to reach more potential clients, AMCS Group challenged True People -a digital agency in The Netherlands with a focus on digital impact- to develop a new website. The aim for this website is to improve lead generation and increase conversion rates. After all, the more waste and recycling companies this AMCS platform reaches, the more we can contribute to a cleaner world. To achieve these goals, True People has built a brand new website in Umbraco and implemented the uMarketingSuite to improve lead generation and increase conversion rates through personalization.

True People focused entirely on personalization for this project. With personalization, the most relevant content is shown real-time to the visitor. Different visitors have different needs. But some groups have similar needs. Based on client insights True People segmented these visitors by making use of ‘persona’ groups. Within uMarketingSuite different personas were created, based on their expected buyer needs. The value proposition for each target group was defined to match these needs to a corresponding conversion goal and several webpages were created in order to offer the right content to the right visitor.

Offering the right content at the right moment
Based on the (search) behavior of the visitor on the AMCS website, the uMarketingSuite predicts which persona the visitor corresponds with. The stage of the customer journey in which the visitor is, is also determined. Based on the data collected on the personas, uMarketingSuite will track what kind of behavior they are exhibiting and determines if it matches one of the personas and stages. If the visitor is orienting, another piece of content is offered than when the visitor is in the stage of decision making. uMarketingSuite ensures that the right content is displayed and optimized. Subsequently, through personalization, the most relevant content for the specific visitor is shown. In this way the content matches the wishes and needs of the visitor at the right moment, which contributes to an increased conversion rate.

Connected API’s
By using the API of uMarketingSuite, True People was able to add extra functionalities to the website. Through the possibility to connect other platforms and applications to the uMarketingSuite API, you, as a developer, have control over the specific datasets that are sent to the application and have the opportunity to validate and enrich data.

To score content automatically True People added a self-developed automatic content scoring application to the uMarketingSuite API. This enriched the data on uMarketingSuite ensuring the right connections between content and the score of content that is relevant to the visitor. This extended score is linked to the stages and personas that come from uMarketingsuite.

The same methodology is used for call to actions. The algorithm for personalization and scoring works to provide the visitor with relevant, advanced call-to-actions (CTA’s) matching the visitor journey and personas. These CTA’s invite the visitor to fill out forms to access related content such as whitepapers and webinars. In combination with uMarketingSuite, it is possible to determine what stage the visitor is in and what persona group the visitor falls into, this allows the most attractive call to action to be displayed.

Objectives achieved? YES!
By making the API link between uMarketingSuite and a custom built application, there is more insight into the visitor and data is enriched. This ensures that micro and macro conversions increase by over 100% percent.  The numbers don't lie: 125% more demo requests, 144% more e-mails collected and the download percentage of whitepapers increased by 308%!

We can therefore state that the uMarketingSuite in combination with applications of True People and Umbraco is a golden formula to improve lead generation and increase conversion.


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